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Austin/Aras fic (Survivor: Exile Island)

Okay, I'm gonna start posting some of the fics I wrote awhile back. Most of them are really stupid, but there are a few that are relatively serious.

Title: Terry Is A Big Fat Bastard
Fandom: Survivor: Exile Island
Characters: Austin/Aras
Word Count: 561
Rating: R
Author's Notes: SLASH. That means, if you're not comfortable with same sex partnerships, don't read this. THERE IS SEX IN THIS. And this is really ridiculous. Really really ridiculous. I don't know if half of the things mentioned are even in the same timeline, btw evs. Not important. This is not supposed to be serious by any means.

Terry Is A Big Fat Bastard.
Tags: austin/aras, fanfiction, survivor: exile island
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